Imprinted Concrete

The durability of Pattern imprinted concrete makes it a very popular choice for homeowners who are considering having a new driveway laid. Many of these homeowners also want to cut down on the ongoing maintenance and upkeep which is often associated with block paving.

Because there are no visible gaps on imprinted concrete where weeds can take root it can be much easier to maintain over the longer term. However, it can lose much of its original colour over time as sunlight take its toll. General wear from car tyres and footprints will gradually erode the surface coating as well.

Because of these problems, we always recommend re-sealing any imprinted concrete every few years to make sure the colouring is maintained and the bare concrete in the base does not become visible over time.

As approved installers for Smartseal in the Birmingham area, we always apply their concrete sealing products on imprinted concrete to provide better protection over a longer period.

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Imprinted Concrete image
Imprinted Concrete image
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